Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How it began..

It all began on a Monday. The morning of September 21, 2015. A call came in on Jack's cell phone from Elder Quentin L. Cook's secretary, Donna. She arranged for us to receive a call from Elder Cook the next day. After some technical support on setting up a teleconference we met with this wonderful apostle at 11:30 am.  He was very friendly and explained that this was an exploratory interview to see if we would be a candidate for a position such as a mission president. After several questions regarding our family, our finances and work obligations, he explained that we would be placed on a list of possible candidates but that it wasn't a certainty and to go about our lives as if nothing had happened.  Elder Cook explained that the church leaders were busy getting ready for General Conference so if we were contacted it would not happen until the middle of October.

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