Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Our First Letter Arrives

What a unique day.  We rose early to attend the Court and Clergy Conference at the Congregation B'nai Israel in downtown Sacramento. This conference brings together many religions together to discuss conflicts between religious beliefs and the law.  The reason we were invited was that they needed monitors and Jack was asked to help.  The best part was that the afternoon speaker was Elder Dallin Oaks. He spoke and answered some difficult questions posed to him. He was wonderful!

After the conference we hurried home so that I could get dinner ready for the missionaries, Elder Wingard and Elder Miller.  Just before they arrived I opened the door to let out our cat, Bebe.  On our doorstep was a box and a FedEx envelope. I prayed it was from Salt Lake City, which it was.  Jack arrived home soon and we opened the envelope. It was the official letter from the First Presidency calling us to serve. In the box were two mission president handbooks, 2 Preach My Gospel manuals, General Handbook #1 and #2, and two missionary handbooks (the little white books). We were not to tell family, until this official letter arrived.

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