Monday, July 18, 2016

Saturday is P-Day and Baptism Day

Dad and I decided to make Saturday our Preparation Day or P-Day as we lovingly call it.  For the last two weeks it has also been Baptism day.  We attended a baptism two Saturdays ago in Sheboygan (I love to say that word. It bounces out of your mouth). A 16-year-old Hmong boy was baptized and now his mother is taking the discussions. She is so happy her son has become a Christian.  Hmong love to cook so they had the most food I have seen at a baptism. Love their fried egg rolls.

This past Saturday we drove for 90 minutes to another baptism of a very sweet woman.  At the baptism we met a man that had been baptized four months ago. We saw him at the bus stop afterwards and offered to give him a ride home. During the 15 minute drive we asked him about his family and he shared a wonderful experience. We learned that his mother is now deceased but years ago she had a dream and in that dream she saw that her son had become a priest but that he wasn't Catholic. For years he wondered what that meant. Then in April he was contacted by the sister missionaries while taking a ride on the bus. As soon as they gave the first discussion he knew it was true. Then after his baptism he received the Aaronic Priesthood and he now understood his mother's dream!

I don't know if I mentioned I pulled some ligaments in my left foot. This was from wearing heels for four days all day long. Not something my feet are used to. The top of my foot hurt so much and began to swell.  I went to Urgent Care to get an X-ray because I thought it might be a stress fracture, but thankfully it wasn't.  Its getting better. Needless to say Flats are my friends now.

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